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Handbook of Acoustic Accessibility

A practical, reliable reference that helps audiologists and teachers achieve acoustic accessibility in the classroom

Written and edited by renowned leaders in the field, Handbook of Acoustic Accessibility focuses on the acoustic conditions, therapies, and technologies that assist audiologists and teachers of hearing-impaired students in making the speech signal audible, undistorted, and accessible.

Children with Hearing Loss

Pediatric Audiology

Pediatric Audiology, 3rd edition (2019)

A New Edition of a Classic Pediatric Audiology Text

Pediatric Audiology: Diagnosis, Technology, and Management, Third Edition is fully updated with cutting edge topics reflecting the latest advances in the field. New chapters include hearing and vestibular issues in children, state-of-the-art testing methods for neonates, and longitudinal studies on cochlear implant technology. Renowned experts Jane R. Madell, Carol Flexer and rising stars Jace Wolfe and Erin C. Schafer provide meticulous discussion on all aspects of pediatric audiology -- from underlying pathology and testing to medical, therapeutic, and surgical treatments. Pearls and best practices from a cadre of esteemed experts focus on achieving optimal patient outcomes.

Pediatric Audiology Casebook, 2nd edition (2019)

Pediatric Audiology Casebook, Second Edition is fully updated with more than 60 new cases presented in four sections, covering all facets of the diagnosis and management of hearing disorders in children. Renowned experts Jane R. Madell, Carol Flexer and rising stars Jace Wolfe and Erin C. Schafer have compiled an impressive compendium of basic to complex diagnostic cases, covering the most salient topics in the field. The book effectively bridges the gap between content knowledge and clinical application, enabling readers to put acquired theory into active practice by engaging in problem-based learning.

Children with Hearing Loss

Children with Hearing Loss

Children with Hearing Loss

Developing Listening and Talking Birth to Six, 4th edition (2020)

The fourth edition of Children with Hearing Loss: Developing Listening and Talking, Birth to Six provides updated information from the previous three editions. It focuses on brain-based listening and spoken language by featuring auditory brain development, audiologic technologies, auditory skill development, spoken language development, as well as family-focused intervention for young children with hearing loss whose parents have chosen to have them learn to listen and talk. The text remains unique in its scholarly and readable style.

The Sound of Learning

Why Self-Amplification Matters
A Field Guide (2006)
Research, Applications & Activities

Use this book as a a resource to develop reading fluency in all children by developing the auditory feedback loop.

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The Sound of Learning



A Simple, Hands-Free, Plastic, Acoustic Self-Amplifier:
Part of an Overall Classroom Auditory Focus

Meant for Children with Normal or Near-Normal Hearing
Used to Enhance Reading Fluency by improving signal redundancy

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Facilitating Hearing And Listening In Young Children

(Early Childhood Intervention Series)

This thoroughly revised edition of a popular classic emphasizes the need to create an "auditory world" for children in which their auditory brain centers continue to develop the neurological and experiential foundations for literacy and learning. A wealth of new, up-to-date information has been added, covering recent developments in amplification technology, cochlear implants, federal legislation, and listening strategies.

Sound field amplification

Sound field amplification


2ND EDITION (2005)

The only communication sciences book devoted to sound field amplification. Both professionals and students will benefit from the presentation of the theoretical foundations of sound field amplification and its practical applications. Readers will appreciate the straightforward and comprehensive approach to topics such as how children "learn" to hear and how acoustics affects the learning ability of all children. The book also provides the information necessary to conduct sound surveys, obtain funding for amplification systems, and act within the parameters of the laws and regulations governing this topic.

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